“Interactive Teaching Strategies to Engage Students in Foundational Writing Skills,” with Kate Flom Derrick and Molly Rentscher

Presented at the 2014 DePaul University Teaching & Learning Conference

This presentation, given by the Workshops Team of the DePaul University Center for Writing-based Learning to an audience of DePaul faculty members, was intended to serve as a window into how the Workshops Team offered

In Spring Quarter, the Workshops Team had the pleasure of being selected to present at DePaul’s Teaching and Learning Conference. The 25 minute presentation that Kate F., Molly R., and I created was titled “Interactive Teaching Strategies for Engaging Students in Foundational Writing Skills”, and each of us moderated a panel at the conference as well. Many attendees seemed unaware of, but very interested in, what the UCWbL and the Workshops Team has to offer, so we were able to play an ambassadorial role and make some contacts while in attendance.


For additional information on this conference, visit the 2014 DePaul University Teaching & Learning Conference website.