“Fearbusting: Tutoring and Mentoring Don’t Have to be Terrifying,” with Amber Slater

Presented at the 2014 DePaul University Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit

On October 31 of 2014, Amber Slater and I presented a Round Robin at this conference, appropriately themed “Mentor Mash, It Was a Tutoring Smash!” Our goal at this session, the title of which nodded to Ghostbusters, was to help new tutors and mentors from a variety of backgrounds discuss some of the fears they had encountered while taking on these roles, as well as to encourage experienced tutors and mentors to share their wisdom.

To get participants thinking about the topic, we first asked them to fill out a Fearbusting T-Chart. On one side they listed their “Tutoring and Mentoring Fears” and on the other side they listed any “Fearbusting Strategies” they had successfully used. We then facilitated a large group discussion, during which we asked each participant to share one fear and a strategy they had used to conquer or at least mitigate the fear.  Alternatively, participants could share a fear that they had not yet mastered, which some did. This led to some of our most productive discussions, as the table would then collaboratively brainstorm with the participant ways of approaching their fear.

Finally, we handed out and briefly discussed our own list of research-based tips and strategies, the “Fearbusting Proton Pack,” making sure to end on a positive note by reminding participants of the importance of celebrating their victories.

round robin 2014


For additional information on this conference, visit the 2014 DePaul University Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit website.